Day 3 of london fashion week was to say the least a very busy one! It was sort of a D day a lot of shows all fabulous and unmissable so there is no time for lazyness or.....the sniffles! Yesterday I had a terrblie case of the sinffles and it made D day a whole lot harder meaning I could only blog 3 full shows and had to watch most of yesterdays shows to day which clogs up the systems and makes everything that little bit behind and out of date! But I thought through my illness and have seen all the shows and have died for all the shows!
My obvi top 3 of yesterday was 1.Mary Katrantzou,2. Jonathan Saunders, 3. Preen closley followed by Topshop unique,temporly, and matthew willamson along with some other major shows including Vivienne Westwood which is always a lot of fun, Paul smith which was less "fun" more fab tailored looks even though this season the tailoring was more relaxed though the usual from paul! And a head scratching collection at Acne wasn't sure what was happening there!
Ive all ready talked about my top 3 in full post so lets start with Unique! It was such a cool show the frow was major we got to see the new topshop venue for the first time there was champagne and appitisers being served the whole thing was major! The collection was so major it was so cool,light,soft and minimal in a very futristic cool way!
Then there was Temporley London which was old school 50s chic it was grace kelly meets audrey hepburn meets Alice temporley in 2012 thought it was stunning beyond belief!!!
Then Matthew Williamson put a smile on all our faces with a stunning colorful,vibrant and diverse collection it was the perfect amount of color I needed with my case of the sniffles it really did brighten my day and also made me die for the most major cute colorful part dresses I could just see the cast of gossip girl wearing them for all there major fab parties!
Vivienne WestWood red label was as always a lot of fun there were green faces,polotical statments and a one pieace with half of the models bum hanging out of it which I found to be hilar! Also so ending were she came out with her climate change banner you just had to giggle! Oh and  I was only laughing at Viv I was also loving all the fab sort of granny chic looks? Sort of 50s deb girl meets cray Viv!
Finally Paul I loved the fab play with the signature shirt dress and also how the tailoring was softer, he didnt go so bright kept it very simple and effective!

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