Marc Jacobs fall show was much anticipated and it certainly delivered that magical fashion moment i couldn't stop smiling all through the show there was such a whimsical chicness to it that i adored. It was certainly my best new york fashion week moment so far because it was so cinematic and fun and i thought this is why i love fashion so much it was one of those magical toe curling moments of fashion fun and magic!!!! The collections most talked about feature were those hats!!! each model paraded to the enchanted runway in a oversized dr suess like hat that made quite the impression it added a childish fun to the collection. This collection was full of references oliver,tim burton,mad hatter mary poppins, dr suess, granny chic. The song from oliver "who will buy" which created a cinematic Victorian bustling street image!!! the clothes had a very victorianish look thing of elisea doolitle in my fair lady also there was an emphasis on the hips and very mary poppin like coats!!! The shoes were pilgrim bulks made from a fine leather. The set was a magical icy kingdom that made for a very fun and cinematic collection. i will be thinking of this collection for many more months maybe even years!!! love!!!!! even though i cant really write a good review o


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