Every season before the Mary K show I wonder what major prints will she be showing us this time??? Season after season what I see I always deem GENIUS! This season was obvi no different as the fab prints really impressed me! This season it wasnt a landscape or interior or even lots of fun quirky objects it was Stamps and Money that took us on a cultured and vibrant journey around the world the overall feel was light,airy, quite eclectic and as always stunning! The stamp is something a traveller picks up from different places in the world and thats what it looked like, it was as if you opened an old travelers box and in it stamps and money from around the world all of these different things from different countries in different colors and shapes together made for one cohesive image of......ADVENTURE ! This is what I also saw in the clothes it was a vast mix of adventure,history and culture all in one making an image of excitement and I know I call this a cliche but when its mary Katrantzou is there any other word? The clothes were pieces of art......ekk omg such a cringey statement I know but..... ITS TURE! Each look was colorful bright and interesting and also had to be studied and thought about as you would with art then there were the more fashionable things other than the "art" the siloettes were wide,flowing,free and long I think just about everything was below the knee! The silhouette as we are seeing everywhere this season is free and less tailored unlike last season at Mary K were it was more structured! Though Mary Katrantzou's silhouettes may be more relaxed and more free than last season but they are far from the simple,minimalist and effortless looks we are seeing everywhere else this season I think its fair to say that this just may have been the most interesting to look at collection of the season it was just shirt dress,minimalist white,soft flowing dress etc... Though we don't see it everywhere it is strong and a Mary Katrantzou is breaking the season's mold and coming out on top and see is not alone! This season we can really separate the weak to the strong and Mary Katrantzou has been the strongest i've seen in london so far!

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