Lana is wearing a custom altuzarra gown and CAPE. When i saw her i screamed "OMG LANA IN A CAPE,LANA IN A CAPE!!" the cape was a trend on the met steps this year with 4 fab invitees supporting them. Lanas was the best. I do love here cape but if she removed it there you have a stunning silver gown which is top 5 material!!! But i love lana her cape,gown and fabulous lips get her to no.10! Love her music and style!


Eva Mendes is number 9 wearing a custom prada gown which she looks stunning in. It was one of my fav color choices of the night it was something different which i like at the met and it suited her skin tone (that may sound racist) Miuccia designed and selected this dress just for eva which i think makes it even faber.


Coca rocha made and impression!!! Here hair was most talked about and i think it goes perfectly with her vintage look. I cant express in words how this look is so fab. Its vintage givenchy and was once owned by the legendary ELIZABETH TAYLOR who is one of the most fab women of all time. It screams vintage and 50s prom which is perfect because the met is fashions prom love that yellow and that pink is everything!!!!


Here we see another star in another custom prada love it!!! This was one of my fav custom prada gowns its perfect for jessica. Firstly i love Jessica's hair, next i love the length of the dress the fabric silhouette and fab green print its so fabulous i couldn't take my eyes of her on the red carpet!


Mia wasikowska is the new face of miuccias miu miu and such a title gives her such privileges as attending the met gala for the first time in custom prada. The gowns minimal with the most fab black embellishments in the perfect places i especially love that color it adds youth and mia into the dress! Its heavenly chic i love the color its stature, its youthfulness and its OMG moment quality which is hard to explain!!

Top 5!!


Carey mulligan is also part of the mets biggest trend CUSTOM PRADA GOWN!!! This one is certainly special as it differs from the rest not have the signature prada and miu miu fall embellishment seen on all the custom gowns. It was the first gown on the carpet i said omg!!! Its gold gold gold another trend from the gala and has fabulous sequence scales!! The fresh and fab silhouettes is pleasing and so is careys hair!! This look in one phrase embodies the event!!


Rooney Mara is simply chic. She is supporting a very big trend for fall which was actually started by her DARK ROMANCE. The gown has such a gothic and romantic presence and ricardo designed it to suit rooney exactly. Rooney is fashions muse at the moment and is especially givenchys ricardo so this whole look is perfect!!!


Supermodel Anja Rubik knows how to work this dress!!! Its an Anthony vaccerllo my favorite new designer who is all about the women's body and sexuality doing this through fab cut outs. This dress has cut outs and slips in all the right areas this is something only a supermodel could pull of and SHE CERTAINLY DOES THAT. Its sexy,chic and will be an iconic met image because its so met ball and i adore it!!!


I think one of the most iconic images for the met gala from the past 5 years is Tom and Gisele always looking impecable this year they have done it again getting the number 2 spot. She is wearing a major Givenchy its chic sexy and fab choice for gisele. It's construction and fit makes her looking stunning i think see is one of the most deserable woman in the world and this dress heightens why. Its just Classic Gisele and tom which is perfect was an OMG moment!!!


It was 8.30 the carpet was over and it was amazing i was on such a high but i said to myself i wish beyonce would have been there. Then when i arose this met tuesday morning to see the medias reaction it was beyonce on the front of every headline she was an absolute sensation. I love love love that see made sure all eyes where on her she was the only one on the carpet because everyone else was inside and it was such a moment she knows how to create a media buzz! She is the most beautiful woman in the world and she was the most beautiful and BEST DRESSED woman at the met!!! First lets talk about the dress, its givenchy its sheer covered with embellishments and the most amazing feathers its couture overload. You may remember halle berrys worst dressed givenchy purple gown at the oscars 2 years ago this dress is from that same collection only beyonce knows how to make it work at the oscars of red carpet the oscars is  nothing compared to the met and this dress is the dress of all dresses its high fashion something that would only work at the met and it most certainly did that out of over 800 party guest all eyes were on beyonce!!! She had a baby just months ago and look at her body just look at it in this dress UNBELIEVABLE!!! Is she human! Finally i love the black and purple tones on the dress and that it covers her all the way up to her fingers i have never seen that on a red carpet and  i love it maybe beyonce will start a new red carpet trend!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT  and will be iconic met look for years to come!!!!

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