Michael kors fall collection was sporty meets glamour which is so michael. The collection had a lot of rugged country looks and glamourous party dresses. There were several rustic red and black plaid looks,fabulous furs(mongolian lamb,raccoon) were to dye for so were the red,black and silver sequence gowns lighting up my eyes as the shimmied down the runway. The color palette focussed manly on red and black very tough colors. There was a very strong and seductive women in these clothes there were the sexy gowns and lace dress and the powerful furs and leathers! it was all about the mesh of sporty and glamour take the knit camel coat over sexy silk dress or the sporty red coat with fur neckline with a red silk gown. Also tailored vest jackets worn with pretty lace dresses. the evening was fabulous it was mostly fab sequence gowns including a two flapper dress one black one gold and the other were gowns fit for any car nominee!!!


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