So as i have said in the post below this this weekend and today and tomorrow if milan fashion week and on saturday and sunday i decided to view some shows as each show continued the optimism and fun faded :( Saturday started off great i was up early filled with exitment for a fashion week which would be much less stressful during womens season. So with 30 mins to go i find out that u had to be registered or some shit to watch the show and it wouldnt let me do it :( so like an hour later i watched the show , it was Jil Sanders big return and i thought it was quite fab i coined the phrase hicthcock meets schizophrenia it had that fab retro yet very modern minimlist strange feel i enjoyed it :D
 Then me being so excited to see the dolce show it was such a disapointment, it started great front row starstudded and fab then the music started it was dramatic very cinematic then a small band of men arouse looking very native, i thought this may be intersting then they started playing that fucking music and i was cringing out of my mind! The show started and IT WAS A MESS!!! It gave me such a headache!! the horrible clothes that looked liked somthing u would by in freaken new jersey oh but then again it was "very sicilian" really i dont care very sicilian is VERY UGLY!! The "models" had a fucked up runway walk there were little kids walking to fast not knowing wat to do with there arms and grown men looking out of place! Later i found out they were real siclian men and it really showed that the people walking in that show were not models!! So the fashion was shit so was the music and models if u saw my tweets about it you will know how i feel!
Next the show i was looking forward to most BURBERRY, while i was waiting for the show to start i thought this looks very good very burberry then just as the show started my wifi went off i threw my paper in the air and gave up!!! I watched the show the day later i LOVED IT! it was very unique all that metalic but i found it cool and i loved the hairstyles,music and those cool shades they all wore but wasnt the same feeling you get when watching a womens collection!
After my disastourous start to the day i watched no more live shows and watched them on demand the next day first there was versace loved the cinematic look the men had very egyption parah but the fashions werent great it was just the spectacle. Then i watched the prada show which was a surprising show it was very sport inspired and not at all like prada and finally i saw the gucci show today finally a show i like! It was bright and fresh classically tailored and just looked luxurious and sophisticated! 

How are you liking the mens shows are you as bored as i am, though it is only 6 days to couture!!!:D

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