After seeing this fabulous missoni show i declared it my favorite missoni collection i have every seen(before this i didn't really dye for missoni that much) The collection was a little bit wild, the girls were very strong and had a sort if tribal edge it was very feminine and empowering in a way. The coats,jackets and furs were clearly the focus and the highlight of the collection also were the fabulous accessories gold studded black pump,gold earthy earrings which had a little tribal feel to them really cool really exciting! The furs to me were a hunters winnings thron or wrapped in that wild way showing just how strong this women was. Also the more structure coats which were the highlights of the collection were less wild but more wearable and stylish with a powerful look. There were a lot of striped leather pants it the mixed and random layering which makes it so cool and edgy but most of all stylish. The missoni woman this fall is a stong fighter who isnt afraid to go outside the boundaries!

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