Mulberry's inspiration for fall was were the wild things are!!! The collection opened with several mongolian lamb hair pieces that are reminiscent of a monstrous figure even the cute appearance of a dog was covered by hair. There were very indulgent chinky knits with zig zag prints also the bags were to dye for also with a zig zag!!!! The coats were my favorite element in the collection, There were several variations of that classic mulberry parka there was fur capes,multicolored prints,simple but cool navy etc I dyed for it!!!!!! The cute lace dresses are great for any party!!!! There were great leather coats,bags,shoes dresses, and skirts that were really fun in a mustard yellow color!!!This collection had really fab outerwear,evening and ready wear pieces any mulberry girl will be happy with next season!!! quite a successful collection if i say so myself the mulberry tree just wont stop growing!!!!!!


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