The nina ricci fall collection was all about dress up! It was all about a young classically french girl playing dress up from her mothers or grandmothers closet creating a quirky chic look. The collection featured amazing tweeds,;little black dresses, very seductive lingerie. Lets start with the tweeds that were genius, tweed something old that you would relate with your grandmother made into something cool and sexy and fashionista or nina ricci girl would just dye for. There were plenty of heavenly chic little black dresses in this collection which had a sexy feel and were so french boudoir and so french chic! it think some of the best little black dresses we have seen this season!!! Then there was a major focus of the collection the lingerie looks that were truly the most sexy looks imaginable and so french because they didn't show skin they showed the illusion and the power of a women's body through sheer and classic lingerieo silhouettes!!!! This collection had a darker and more "wiked" feel. Overall this was a marvoulous nina ricci collection and one of my favourate shows of paris so far it really captured a certain french sexy wo


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