Minimalist, clean, crisp, structured these are all things you do not relate with Peter Som this season he took a new direction in my opinion a better direction. The collection opened with a clean and sleek white look with a structured top and wide sleeves and a defined waist worn with a glossy sheer skirt immediately the image looked so refreshing and sleek. It was also zen and minimalist the collection went from very light tones to  darker earthy beagles,browns then colorful florals, then black and then finishing on purple with a few kaleidoscopic furs along the way. The collection showed a more powerful, sleek and chic women witch i look forward to seeing in the fall!!!! I loved the fur accents and the fabulous leather harlem pants, the fun forals reminded my a mary katrantzou dress, and the borwn earthy looks were quite zen. pelplum was a major thing in this collection, it really helped with the structural componet and heightended the waist. There were fabulous flowing dresses including the finale look which was a maroon flowing mullet skirt with fab ruffles a burgundy blazer with was 50% amazing Fur loved!!!! This collection was unexpected and a new direction for peter som and i cant wait to see what happens next!!!!!


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