There was a large build up to the prada show just when you though it would start it didn't until about 15 to 20 minutes leaving us all to look at the vivd and very chic clear runway which was a fabulous purple carpet with very sharp and vivid black and white details above were several fabulous neon stripped lights the mood was all so chic. The first looks were TAILORED black looks lots of separate fab pieces, waist coats, cropped jackets, embellished coats there were all so major chic and vivid!!!! The shoes that opened the shoe were high stilettos with an unusual and clinical rubber foot it was quirky clinical and so prada. Then There were some major graphic and vivid PRINTS!!!! The image was very cool,quirky and chic. Vivid prints were so major in this collection also was the tailoring it was quirky tailoring which created very vivid and sleek image. The brows were large and in dark black the hair was something to look at a very cool and vivid extension was worn by every model they were in black,white,red and blonde and really made the looks so more cool. There was a seductive sexual feel in the girls there power and vividness had a attractive force. The accessories were extremely fabulous!!!! MAJOR STILETTOS (Ms prada almost feel when she walked out in them) with a clinical rubber toe or decadently embellished,  there were amazing long sleek bags in a floral leather print of sleek black and bejeweled there were also cute vividly printed bags. The collection was all pants which we haven't been seeing a lot of this season the pants are really cute tailored and cropped creating a young cool and chic look. There were major belted jackets which created a powerful military look, the girls all had that feel. The long waist coats which had fabulous movement  were one of my favorite separate pieces!!! To conclude this collection was printalicous,vivid,chic,tailored,quirky,sexy,powerful(military edge),fun and really beautiful!!! This was another major prada success!!!!


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