I apologize if this is crap because I am typing this in bed feeling like such shit because some bitch gave me the could! But enough about my personal life and more about preens SS2013 collection! This was my first early rise collection 9am on a sunday morning, a time I usually hold sacred for sleeping in(omg i just cant stop talking bout moi!!!) so I did the early sunday wake just so I wouldn't mess this collection which I knew would obvi be to major to even ponder missing! The question is was it worth it, omg is it just me or does this waking up early on a sunday sound like I sacrifieced my puppy or somthin I mean im up at 6.30 every other why am I being such a drama queen about this!! So I guess the question isnt was it worth it the fact is there is no question I think??? Well if there was then this would be the answer??? Ok im offically making no sense! WHY DO I NOT STOP TYPING???
So back to the serious issue at hand preens collection! This was there london debt and they did it in style showing at the very visually pleasing and quite epic looking museum of natural history, it was a one sided front row the other side was major wall and on top of all that they came down stairs so major! Though sadly non fell :(
As usual at preen the clothes were made up of striking minimal tailoring and most importantly PRINT! 
This season we went au natural on the prints and went for beautiful luxeriois pythin in many variations appearing in differnt colors and tetures, then there were the stunning florals which were detailed esthetically pleasing and so pretty! The silhouettes were sharp cool and at times a little relaxed and free, we are seeing this mix of soft and strong tailoring all over the catwalks this season its more about a tailored shirt than a tailored jacket or pant which is what we saw here! This season at preen it was as always omg im in love!!! with a  natural vibe at the natural history museum it also had been keeping just about every trend we have seen so far alive lace,leather,sheer,soft/hard tailoring,whites,some prints etc so an all round stunning collection very very on trend,very cool and most of all a major....pretty moment :D

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