Rag&Bone is that cool downtown label with that british twist well for the past two season's the fall 2012 and resort 13 the english counrtyside has been present in there collections with the downtown tribeca girl vibe. This collection was more sophisticated rather than a sort of grunge cool the girl was polished with a slight edge and style impecably i didnt have to break down pieces and put them in another look they were styled prefectly i would have done the same myself;) like the cool biker jacket with cute shimmering gold dress it was major cool and totes what the rag and bone girl would wear out on the town!
The Knits in this collection were fabulous!!! there was a cute multicolored pixelie sweater, very cool black cable knit sweater slightly oversized very young like a cooler downtown taylor swift. They a netted slightly sheer light knit sweater all giving girl the cool effortless look which fabulously worked for the look of the collection.
There was a clear english country vibe in this collection which was seen through the fab floral print that had an element of a vintage wallpaper but made very cool and sophisticated in this collection. The quilted mili green jacket was very country it made for very cool look as did the rest of the collection as there was the contrast of downtown and english countryside!
The girl was downtown sophistication in sleek electric blue suites with a effortless feel still making it cool and downtown also cool tailored coats with sleek leather patches in blue and navy tones very city! The collection was town and country infused in a very cool and shuttle way there are lots of major cool and cute pieces for the cool young girls like fab cable knit,cool biker jackets in blue and classic black which is so kristian stweart i guess you could call this collection kristian stweart meets taylor swift meets english country :D


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