Roberta Cavalli this season went full on glamour!!!!! They showed major animal prints!!!! including the big cats of africa to the exotic reptiles shown in the glamours shimmering reptile skin pieces. The collection was so flash lots of shiny glittering metallic alligator skin pieces and heavenly layer upon layer of sequence the cavalli party girl this season will be very happy! There was a great mix of long and short pants and skirTs/dresses. The pants were so major worn with ferocious fur tops of jackets really fabulous!!! The dresses were short and long there were cute short party sequence dresses and fabulous very cavalli long and flowing print maxi dresses with very intricate ruffle details! It was full on everything full on print,full on accessories(hats,shades,bags,gloves etc),full on sequence,full on glamour and not to mention full on NAIOMI!!!!!! The highlights of this collection were clearly the pants,furs and full on fabulous print long maxi dresses and of course Naomi!!!! 

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