The latest ferragamo collection had a very alluring mic it was military meets folksy,gypsy forest girl which made for and enchanting collection. The show opened with very strict military looks with sleek hair ,leather riding boots and very tailored and military clothes in this collection you wouldn't also expect to find flowing carefree dresses with a romanticism and enchanting feel. The mix made for two interesting women, which eventually formed into one look it had such a contrast!!!! The inspiration was russia, which is very military and also folksy. The military looks were very chic tailored powerful and what a women aims to be this is quite a hard look to pull off the other is more easy but is also more fragile and delicate. The military looks have great wearable coats skits and jackets the gypsy looks have fabulous dresses even some with a little glamour to them. I would be more keen on buying the military women but the gypsy women is very beautiful and there is something that is quite fantasy about it. It is great that this season the ferragamo customer have two women to chose from or maybe they will do both , it will be interesting to see next season.

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