Today Sarah has been given a royal blessing by receiving an OBE by the queen for her work for british fashion! I have so much memories of sarah one of my favorites was the morning of the royal wedding dress designer still a secret to millions of people but i was one of the few people on the planet who knew who was designing the dress it was about 2 hours till the wedding to begin and the editor of grazia(LIKE FAVORITE WOMAN EVA!!!!) They were talking dress so i went to the gossip blogs so i could every detail thats just how i was about the royal wedding and i saw a picture one of 100s published on this site were paps pics are instantly uploaded it was a woman in a large fur hat i thought hiding something are we then i looked at her then i looked again and i was shocked i started screaming its sarah!!! sarah!! she was wearing a very sarah look with her SIGNATURE BELT!! and her type of pants she wears also the body shape was so sarah and i knew it was her and i was right thats one of the fab memories i have of sarah another was when i found out she would be taking over as creative director for mcqueen and when i saw her first collection for mcQueen! Also i remember once i made a twitter account called @SarahBurton and for 3 days pretended to be sarah burton got like over 500 followers even talked to some fashionistas like ummmm ever heard of NINA GARCIA!!! but on the night of the brit fashion awards i was caught by the mcqueen company and shut down :( but it was fun :D love u sarah congrats on OBE you definitely deserve it for Kate's dress and everything your doing and mcqueen!!! 

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