Finally a reason to watch the absolute cheese feast that gives me such a headache, GLEE! I never watch it due to the amount of cringe it cause's me but now that the one the only Sarah Jessica Parker one of my fav style icons is making a cameo as the editor of I will be certainly tuning in. But theres more not only will SJP be in Glee as the editor of i mean could it get better? Well the greatest woman like eva, Anna Wintour will be styling her!!!!! :O So yes this is major deal! The character is described as being "sort of frazzled,eccentric and hilarious" how fab does that sound! This news as really got me totes excited and cant believe im saying that I cant wait for glee which will be airing in september 13th so I may have to wait a while before watching due to fashion season, glee certainly isn't a priority ;)

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