The summer style hunter continues with more essential summer item and today its all about that SUMMER SANDAL! The sandal is perfect for so many looks its a very versatile item to have during summer season on that hot day at home or on that tropical day aboared there must be a good supply of sandels in your summer wardrobe or maybe one very versatile sandel that goes with everything and every occasion. The sandal is perfect for many things firstly THE BEACH: its either barefeet with a cute sandal thrown across your shoulder or on those feet! Sandels were made for a beach look because there easy to move round in on the sand and lets you still look fab there perfect worn with a bikini or cute summer beach dress look. Sandals are also perfect for that quick and easy summer cool out and about look! Perfect for that "calafronian girl" who is wearing sandels with cute shorts and t shirt with a cool scarf and summer cooper shades! There relaxed and keep the feet nice and cool and fab on a hot day! The sandal also works for the evening look especially on vacation the sandal with a relaxed cocktail look is fab fab fab on that hot evening in the south of france maybe your wearing your valentino sandals with a cute summer party dress on to the yacht of a friend or a cool relaxed dinner party in tribeca on that hot summer new york night! Dont those scenarios just sound fab!!  So sandal is essential summer item keeps the feet cool the look effortless and its just tote #totesSummer!
Below are my top sandal picks for summer with there accompanying styled look which really fit my description of how to wear your summer sandal enjoy and tell me what you thing of all the fab sandals! 

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