Sunos latest collection is another tapestry of fab prints all infused together in one major collection! Florals were the dominant print in this collection and there were plenty! They were very soft and were mainly in a fab satin fabric which made them shine beautifully! I liked them though prints where not my fav thing in this collection I was really in love with the silhouettes and just the look of the show! A show like suno can be hard to talk about in this form I remember last season I was puzzled for words when it came to the show report and I just said a lot of crap I feel like im doing the same here! Though did die for the collection suno is a new and original brand and this season I really loved all the beautiful dresses and fab satin glossy coral pieces so major! It was soft feminine and really a beautiful image which has become such a signature of the new brand and I love how every season they develop on there look and make it fab for us all to watch ..... and shop!

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