Temperleys fall collection was very glamourous as always with a folksy twist.The opening look was a white dress featuring quite a folksy floral print which is on of the major themes throughout this collection. This print can be seen again on satin dresses,blouses,maki skirts and in black on a sheer gown. In the ready wear looks there was the folksy floral print simple whit dress with lace,satin floral dresses,gold sequence skirts folksy blouses with a hungarian style lace!!! The looks were all styled with hats there were fabulous fur hats and sexy leopard print hats, these gave the looks more of a drama also there was alot of accerrising particulary in the necklace department!!!! The evening looks were more regal than folksy but they do have a certain folksy feel but alot more glam!!! The gowns had a gold metallic regal detail and the final look totally  embellished with stunning jewels along with two fabulous golden sequence panels the high edwardian neck was very downton 


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