How doset love a good monthly fashion magazine and how dosent judge a book by it cover. Here are some of the hottest front covers of april 


Jilo look super fab on the cover of the annual shape issue last year it was rhianna now its jilo who has certainly made a major comeback and is now once again one of the biggest stars in the world maybe even bigger than rhianna. And the red dress is super sexy and these is a fab cover shot by testino!!!! Im very interested in "fashion forecast" also jens story about divorce motherhood and looking fabulously fit!!!

Vogue uk                                   

The fabulous sienna miller covers the april vogue in a very cute stella mc cartney the issue is title "fresh start" which is refreshing and lets you know its all about the new season sienna talks about her pregnancy which is a very juicy cover story and the cover tells us about some great tips like"the best new flats" or "45 wonder buys" i know i will be interested to see the vogue editors spring pics so far the cover is a great start the refreshing blue background with that amazing stella dress makes for a great cover!!!


This elle cover is one or two of my favorites this april its mary kate and ashley olsen on a fold out cover with only major pictures if them first is Ashley wearing a fabulous blue prada coat and she shows off those wonderful eyes beautifully, then theres mary kate in heavenly gold sequence cavalli looking like an unconventional movie star looking simple amazing i will definitely be buying this elle to she more great shots of my two fav girls wearing fabulous designers(note the cover is all milan designers)

Vogue japan               

Any one who knows me could tell you im the biggest fan of kate moss and thats why i love seeing her on the cover of vogue! She is wearing the dress she closed the spring 2012 vuitton show in and again makes a "sweet" statement with it. The title of the issue is "sweet & exotic" so how better to put on the cover that kate moss in fabulous vuitton 

vogue Australia   

This cover is fun upbeat and very vogue Australia. The look is fun miss matched prints and a 80s boy george hat with an emphases on the fabulous nails. it is very "free spirit" 

DAZED  & confused       

Ok this is clearly the most visually bold and visually intriguing cover featuring hundreds of thousands of pounds of givenchy couture jewelry also featuring one of this newest and interesting models on the scene!! Dazed is always breaking the mold and making something graphic and new and right away  i want to see more of this fabulous shot!!!!!

Harpers Bazaar          

Omg i didn't think harpers bazaar could top the anthony vaccellro/gyneth paltrow cover but cate blancett in a fabulously tailored minimalist tuxedo vest jacket with major chain necklace and very elegant hair has done that. The first thing i think when i see this cover is CHIC!!! then SLEEK then ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! So this is one of my fav covers and again will be jumping to get this issue and Opulent vs minimal which way will you play????

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