Vanity Fairs september issue and annual Style issue is being much talked about especially for featuring Kate Middleton on the shared cover! Jessica Chastin did a shoot and interview with vanity fair where as kate didn't though friends were interviewed, Chastin is for the hollywood buffs and kate for the royalty together its going to be one major selling issue! Some shocking revelations have been revealed about kates marriage! Kate and will like to have DVD marathons, omg how sweet is that!!!! They own a sausage maker! How crafty of them? Kates interested in interior design :o omg would dye to see inside there home!!! Also the mag states "Duchess's schedule requires up to five clothing changes per day" Omg that is amazing!!! How envious am i of kates darling life!!!  In this annual style issue there is the much anticipated 2012 BEST DRESSED and there are lots of shockers!!! Kate got the No.1 spot which is totes obs and chastin made No.2 which is great choice as her awards season and cannes wardrobe were stunning! There are also some other surprises like bill cunningham making top 20 also jay z! There are also some puzzling omessions like michelle obama who didn't make the list :o  
Take a look  at the first 20 spots on the list! I cant say I agree many unusual choices but there are many fab ones! ( I dont know half the people on this????)

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