For many years Ysl brightened the couture calender with there fantastic shows that wear the epitome of chic,style and couture. Ysl's DNA is made of couture and now the fresh new controversial face that is taking to the helms of the house is thinking of bringing ysl back to the couture calender, that decision could only be met with open arms unlike other changes he has made that have split many people! In a interview for the august issue of french vogue Slimane says "Haute couture is a legitimate subject for ysl and could resume one day" exciting, YES though he also mentions "The priority today is to revamp and redeploy the luxury ready wear" so we would have to wait a few seasons to come and i dont believe at this moment Slimane is even qualified for couture because he has never even designed womenswear before so he could burn up in flames before he gets the chance to revamp the haute couture department of the company! But we love to gossip and speculate fashion feeds on it so you never know how close couture may be in the future of the company and we can all be there to over react over one quote and speculate all day long :D           


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