One of fashions favorite things is fashion ads and i have lots to show you and dont forget this is only part 1 ;) Here is a selection of the good the bad and the strange but we all love it be sure to see most of these in your August issues soon and expect a whole lot in your september issue, August is the first issue were all the new ads are released so its just as entertaining as looking at the fab editorials but before the august issues i have a whole lot of fab ads to look at and here is the first batch of them :D Which is your fav? Me personally could not chose but i die for kate in ferragomo,the jason wu ad and stella tennet in givenchy is major omg also Lindsey in Mulberry i adore mulberries adds!!!
This is part 1 of 6 of the fall 2012 accessory report. I have hand selected the top accessories of the fall accessory collections items ranging from shoes to bags to jewelry,belts,gloves,scarfs the list is endless. Enjoy part 1 there are 5 more to come please comment and tell me your favorite accessories love to know what the readers think!

Alexander Mc Queen

Alexander wang




Bottega Veneta








Charlotte  olympia

Christian  louboutin

Dolche  &  gabbana

Tomorrow is part 2 were there will be a lot more fabulous fall accessories including dvf,fendi,emilio pucci,hermes,erdem,ferragamo...etc!!! comment on your fav so far!
For balenciagas pre fall show i got very excited by the bold 80s statement there was. Today i saw that statement evolve into a fabulous collection featuring a high power executive women and what i called a spacey look. The show was in a very retro spacey decorated room the walls were something out of what i believe to be star wars then the first looks came out and they were colorful sheer dresses with spacey glossy details then after a few dresses i shouted "OMG 80s!!!" the last season 80s was in was fall 2009 i remember it well these collection finally got me excited about the 80s again. It was all about power an "executive women" this women was powerful and sexy and had very board shoulders!!!! It was all in the shoulders that we could see this very bold statement of power also in the fabulous tailoring and the nostalgic classic 80s power women silhouettes!!! This women was not all work an no play nicholas made 80s sweats attractive!!! Several looks featured pants based on the classic sweater in that moment i saw this high powerful executive runing in central park listening to her walkman wearing her hair up in a pony tail!!!! SO 80S!!! There were sexy and more fun party dresses that were sheer lose and very metallic or the super sexy tailored blocked dresses in 3 different colors and fabrics and very strongly tailored!!!! Super sexy!!!. The jackets and sweaters in a vivid zebra print caught me eye also those fabulous white skirts also the major accessories(was sad to see no controversially fabulous hats!!!) But how will a women in 2012 wear this collection??? We will soon be finding out and that is a new task of My'!!!! Will be sharing me results in the near future!