The female olympic athletes have started a new trend amongst themselves ;) Everyone is talking about the patriotic nails which almost all of the athletes are sporting. Take a look at some of the fab patriotic nail art my favs are the fab Union jacks also the red and blue glitter nails which represent the US 
The hairstylist,who cut abbreviated bangs and precision bobs at Calvin Klein, swears the inspiration was 1920s flappers and Bauhaus architecture, but the impact Dutch model Patricia van der Vliet and her fellow mannequins made on the runway carried over across the pond, where The Rooney Effect, as it came to be known, popped up at shows from Antonio Berardi in London to Versace in Milan.

The simplicity of bare skin against a deep, black-cherry lip, or dark, kohl-rubbed eyes set in contrast to a muted nude mouth created powerfully feminine statements.
For the first time in a very long time, blondes were a distinct minority on the runways And the brunettes were the favored girls it all started in new york and carried through the season so brunettes its your time to shine!
In a season rife with opulent ornamentation, all manner of braid and twist—from soft and sweet to clean and sleek—emerged as another expression of texture and embellishment.

Likely the most unexpected shades for eyes, reds and oranges—from bold to muted—emerged as new colors of choice on key runways.

In keeping with the season’s move away from bronzer and gold accents, cool touches of silver and white brought light to the face.
Makeup artists played with black liquid liner in creative new ways elongating eyes by sketching precision lines toward the inner corner, creating “floating” flicks above the outer corner, and exaggerating the classic wing to add sharp detail to otherwise bare faces.
This season, there is a brow for everyone: bleached, bold, virtually untouched, or . . . jeweled.
The red lip never really disappears, but this season it was brighter, and bolder than ever—the ultimate accessory for power dressing often velvety matte in texture, and suggested by designers for both nightand day.
The pale lip never looked as pretty as on this fall’s  runways.  From glossy blush-tones to near-invisible matte flesh-tones, the muted mouth added a spare, understated softness that played perfectly against the season’s emphasis on impeccable skin.
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