P'trique is back with a fab new video which is totes #TOTESAMAZE! The new video has guest appearances from Rebecca Black and the man repellar like omg right! Its fabulously funny as always and is so now, its like all about social networking and stuff and what she says is so ture!!!Tumblr,fb,twitter pin and that siz which is so fashion right! Also I love when she goes to the Stella McCartney party! Omg shes just so fab!!! and btw way is like no one liking me on fb!!! Lamaisonmme like this bitchs! OMG I LOVE P'RTIQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shes everything i wanna be and everything i slightly am :D
Omg to celebrate mothers day p'trique did a mothers day special video "shit fashion girls say to there moms" Its so hilar as it always is with p'trique how is still amazingly c'est chic i cant think of my fav quote but heres one i love "this was my moms from the 89s so you know it is legit vintaaaaage" whats your fav p'trique quote? This vid is totes LOL "my mom still thinks LOL means laugh out loud"
P'trique is coming to use in a third dimension sadly i don't own a pair of 3d glasses but if you do you can see this fab and hilar video in 3D. Without is good to my fav moment is "this is my Naomi walk" and then he throws the phone hilar!
Omg i love this video! p'TRIQUE looks tres chic in that dkny maxi during her #dailytrot! I love  the way she trots its tres fun! Her shot for nasty girl was quite cool it was fashion girl rocking it, downtown meets coachella!
P'trique is totes self styled and i love it that diner look is quite cute and im loving that stella mc cartney clutch! P'Trique funniest thing eva!