Todays looks of the moments are mainly dominated by 2 fab movie premieres one being the big budget london premiere of Anna Karinea with todays stand out star the amazing Keira Knightly wearing chanel couture! Also the more low key side walk Bachelorette premiere which had 3 fab girls dressed in fab stella mc cartney looks including Kristin Dunset who is another best dressed!
One of fashions favorite things is fashion ads and i have lots to show you and dont forget this is only part 1 ;) Here is a selection of the good the bad and the strange but we all love it be sure to see most of these in your August issues soon and expect a whole lot in your september issue, August is the first issue were all the new ads are released so its just as entertaining as looking at the fab editorials but before the august issues i have a whole lot of fab ads to look at and here is the first batch of them :D Which is your fav? Me personally could not chose but i die for kate in ferragomo,the jason wu ad and stella tennet in givenchy is major omg also Lindsey in Mulberry i adore mulberries adds!!!
One thing couture week will always give you are the most stunning red carpet gowns, that make for a magical stand out moment for any star. Here is my selection of stunning red carpet gowns that I witnessed at couture, enjoy :D
Couture collections just a few days ago, here are some amazing and beautiful shots from some of the couture collections. Enjoy these fab images!


Giambattista Valli


The setting for a chanel collection always surrounds much interest, for the fall couture show the setting was a grand room filled with classy white wicker chairs,large plant pots that evoke the gardens of versailles, and tables with an elegant selection of french pastries including delectable macaroons.
The collection was titled by karl as "New Vintage" so what does new vintage mean Well karl said "I wanted to keep only the same attitude and spirt but project it in a different way on the girl of today" meaning he has kept the attitude of the chanel vintages and made it new and fresh "I wanted it to feel like she was just wearing jeans but really she was wearing embroidered tweed!"
This collection had a lot of time and couture effort put into it all the tweeds were embroidered some even taking a astonishing 3000 hours to make which is around 5 months just for one tweed coat its truly remarkable! This collection really showed off the impeccable skills of that the house's ateliers are able to do! 
The color palette of this collection was very simple and extremely chic is was really blacks,greys,whites and several soft pink tones very simple and yet very effective and also really looking classic chanel but of course in a "new vintage" way! I found the soft pink pieces to be remarkably feminine and pretty, and they were made even more chicer when worked into greys,whites and blacks!
Evening was very much featured in this 64 piece collection! There were a wide variety of fab youthful very "french girl" little party cocktail dresses, then there were conservative very long skirts with elegant tweed topping that many of the wealthy and quite older couture buyers would desire! Chiffon and tulle were used in some stunning evening looks to give them light and airy couture feel, but the movement of the gowns was not that was getting most focus unlike other couture collections it was simply the stunning embellishments and crafty embroideries in the gowns that made your mouth water with couture bliss, i mean god that silver dress were ever single thread of it was covered in shimmering silver sequence!! The beautiful rose embroidered gowns were a favorite of my'n made form a light tulle and covered with soft, beautiful roses simple couture heaven!! Then there was the stunning chanel couture bride! After the final look walked the runway was silent then suddenly a ravishing Lindsey Wixon a rose covered in white feathers it was stunning it moved down the runway with force with a thunderous applause to follow! Certainly the most stunning couture bride we have seen this week!
Karls new vintage collection worked perfectly and gave the illusion of relaxed couture but actually was anything but that to make! It glistened and glided and was a top highlight of this fab couture week!





Chanel exhibit opening

Whitney art party!

Here is the full chanel show i love the beats and the choreographing of the models. CHANEL KNOWS HOW TO PUT ON A SHOW!!! Chanel Cruise 

London premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman 

Christian looks stunning in this marchesa gown
Charlize is looking major in dior couture
Liberty ross in glittering tom ford
Lily Cole in mc queen

L.A premiere of What To Expect When You're Expecting 

Brooklyn decker in 1 year old giambattista but she still looks fab even though its so last year!
Anna Kendrick wore an Elie Saab embellished dress.
AMAZING Elizabeth banks in mc queen
Jilo!!!! Looking totally fab in his luxe sheer gown

 New York screening of film Virginia.

Jennifer conelley in mc queen omg how much does she look like demi moore!!!
Alexa looking so cute in shorts and shirt!

Laphams Quarterly Annual Gala in New York


Chanel cruise collection at versailles 

So chic you always have to be at chanel!
I know my view on the chanel collection was a disaster so lets here what the genius himself has to say!!