Kerr's favorite job

VICTORIA'S SECRET Angel Miranda Kerr may have walked for some of the world's most famous fashion houses - from Chanel to Stella McCartney- but she counts Balenciaga as her favourite show for a very special reason, unrelated to fashion.
"I was pregnant at the time, so my son Flynn and I walked the catwalk together," Kerr told us. "He was in my belly, so it made it really special."
Kerr is in demand now more than ever - aside from the luxury catwalks, she is currently Bally's spring/summer 2012 campaign star and one of Victoria's Secret's most high-profile Angels. A mother of a one-year-old and wife of Orlando Bloom, she has managed to find a work-life balance.
"At the moment I'm trying to do 60/40 - I spend most of my time at home being a mother and only work on jobs that I really love and with brands that I really want to work with," she said. "I've cut back quite a bit because especially the travelling can be too much and my son is obviously my number one priority. It's working out well at the moment because I'm doing fun jobs here and there and getting to spend lots of time with my boys."

Snow thanks

Kristian Stewart has revealed that she was never a fan of the Disney version of Snow White; because the heroine just wasn't her kind of girl.
"In the original she totally represents what a woman wanted to be back then: the ultimate maternal figure," she says of the cartoon classic. "She cleans house really well. It's just that [women] do more than that now… We're not made to take out big guys in armour, so [in this film,] it was really about being faster and smarter."
The Twilight actress, who plays the fairytale character opposite wicked Queen Charlize Theron in forthcoming film Snow White and the Huntsman, also revealed that external beauty isn't as important as Hollywood seems to believe
"If you're not cool as well; if you don't have the heart to back up your looks, you are ugly," she told the Guardian. "I've met so many people who I thought were so gorgeous and talented and amazing. And then you meet them for one second and you're like: 'you are wearing a costume, you are a fake, you are so unattractive'. And it doesn't always come across in a picture, but you can be really beautiful in a still frame, and then, in life, moving around, you're ugly."

Burberry Win

BURBERRY was awarded $100 million yesterday by a Manhattan Federal court, which ruled that a network of Chinese internet counterfeiters had infringed upon the brand's trademark. The group was found to have sold items bearing counterfeited Burberry trademarks,WWD reports, including imitations of the brand's check and its equestrian knight design.
The defendants failed to answer the complaint or appear in court when summoned, resulting in the substantial damages in the complainant's favour. In addition to the financial award, the judge granted a permanent injunction against the sites, and transferred control of the offending domain names to Burberry.
Last month, Hermès International was awarded an identical payout of $100 million against 34 counterfeit websites selling imitations of its products.

Watt's fear

NAOMI WATTS has admitted that she is "absolutely terrified" about the prospect of playing the late Diana, Princess of Wales in the forthcoming biopic of the last two years of her life.
"She is a part of our history, an incredible woman and fascinating but a tragic ending," Watts said as she attended an even at The Orangery in London's Holland Park, just next to the Princess' former home - Kensington Palace, this week. "It's a good script, but it's very scary. I kind of wanted to say no but I couldn't."
The film, called Caught In Flight, will document her relationship with heart surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan before her untimely death in Paris in August 1997
"Now I'm doing all the research and there is so much to read," she added, the Daily Mail reports. "I just hope we make a good film and people can learn something new about her that's interesting. There are a lot of people who knew her, and a lot of books to read. One story is different to the next so it's hard to gauge what was the truth. It's going to be a tough one, it's a big beast to take on; I'll just try to do my best."

M&S Graduate 

THE Scottish Fashion Awards' Graduate of the Year, Campbell Dunn, has seen his first dress for Marks & Spencer arrive in store. The designer, who was awarded the M&S-sponsored accolade in June 2011, was chosen as the winner from seven finalists - and is the second SFA Graduate to design a dress for the company.
"I was a bit apprehensive about going to see arriving in store, since that was the first time I had seen it," Dunn admitted today. "But I was really happy with the finish; the final result is incredible. I popped in to the store at Marble Arch in London this week and saw it there and at the press show, one of the girls was wearing it - which was lovely. The award is a great accolade to have on your CV - and to be from Scotland and win a Scottish award means a lot. It's definitely helped my profile in the industry. I'm in the process of setting up a menswear label called Nomoi just now as well as working at M&S, so it's great. Everything is going really well."
"Campbell has been a great addition to the M&S team in London and we hope to continue working with him in the future," Dominic Fry, M&S communications director and Scottish Fashion Awards judge, said. "He is a shining example of the design talent coming out of Scotland each year."

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