Fashion season kicks of in all its fabness tomorrow then its 4 weeks around a month of fashion,fashion and even more fashion! Trends,street style,runway music, front rowers and the fab scandals! 
This is my fashion season top fav things!!!!

  • Seeing what Marc Jacobs and Miuccia Prada will show in paris,milan and new york which will become a massive trend and will be the only thing I will see in most of my 2013 issues of vogue! Cause there so major!!
  • STREET STYLE! fashion season turns the streets into a competitive battlefield/Runway every editor,blogger,socialite,buyer etc and fighting of every other fashionista to be shot by a street style photog! So they dress the  best they have dressed all year and also do random street style worthy poses on the street like leap across the street or pretend to be on your ipad or maybe just a very Anna dello Russo or Michelle Harper old school fashion pose in front of loads of cameras so the photogs behind them get that photo we have seen a million times! LOVE THAT LIKE CRAY! 
  • Runway music is one thing about fashion season i completely die die die for! I remember the first time i ever heard adele was at a alberta ferriti show and it was a rolling in the deep remix and for like weeks after i was still singing it! Also creates a great fashion show atmosphere! One of my fav guessing games is wonder if this could be runway hit! Last season I expected lana del rey listened to it non stop! This season im thinking Delilah so i like know every word to inside my love by now!
  • The young fresh and oh so original designers during new york fashion week is somthing I cant wait for! Designers like Prabel,Alexander wang,Rag&Bone, Rodarte, Proenza Schouler and most importantly JOSEPH ALTUZARRA who isn't on the edge of there seat to see what he does next! I mean to quote the film zoolander "HE IS SO HOT RIGHT NOW!!!"
  • Go big or go home!!! Is what I say during fashion season I really love the runway shows which are oh so theatrical, shows like louis vuitton,marc jacobs,lanvin,burberry and CHANEL!
  • Finding the next big IT THING! Be it bag,shoe or even color like last year it was pastel madness! 
  • Fashion Season Blogging and Twitting!!!! :D
  • Off duty models who still have there hair from there last runway show but are dressed in there super relaxed easy looks!
  • Playing guess the front row or playing Wheres Anna?

I think thats about everything but im sure there are a lot more things im so excited for because practically the list is ENDLESS!!! But really the thing im looking forward to most is just all that fashion :D

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