A collection like this really makes you fall back in love with couture. It was so indulgent in its beauty and i felt emotion in this collection, it was the movement of these gowns that was just pure femininity that gives you such a feeling that can not be described. Its a bliss that only a couture collection such as this can give you! There was so much elegance,beauty,femininity,nature,movement. The collection was a vast stunning garden with dark romantic reds,and natural pure greens with a variety of soft roses gently moving in a rhythmical beauty through the clean crisp air! 
This collection was just pure indulgence and its so hard to explain that feeling in words!
Uhhh i really wish i could explain how this collection makes me feel i did tweet im speechless
after the collection and i guess i still am! If i was a couture buyer i would be buying something from this collection (and of course DIOR!) I just love when fashion makes you feel and love when it makes me feel this good! The colors, the MOVEMENT!!! one of my fav things about couture is how these gowns move it literally stops your heart they glide or float or shimmy through the air in such a beautiful way!!! theres simply nothing else like it, nothing moves like that its just a couture gown and i love that giambattista couture collections always show the most amazing moving gowns!!! Getting a little repitive here so please enjoy these images even motionless you can see in your head how they move! OMG Really i just love everything bout this collection!! Omg the music,the front rowers shoes,the flashing sound of the cameras,and THE COUTURE FASHIONS!!!

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