After the final walkthrough at jill sander raf simons last collection for the house there was an overwhelming emotion as everyone gave a standing ovation some with tears in there eyes as raf appeared also with tears in his eyes saying goodbye to 7 amazing years at jill sander, everyone called for an encore and the designer made his second and last appearance truly an emotional scene!!!( i did have tears in my eyes) The designer left on a almighty high as this ironically was one of his best collections, the collection was so beautifully simple,elegant and so graceful and chic! The colors were soft romantic and had a delicate innocent quality so did the girls. The collection was very poetic and ghostly  which gave so much emotion to it. There were beautiful coats which the girls held together with there hands creating a innocent and beautiful women, a women who had a very alluring shy elegant innocence. The collection was very raf simple but so effective there isn't another designer who could make such a simple collection so versatile and meaning full, which is truly a gift. The collection was very 50s as it has been since spring 2011 rafs first super star collection every season this women has evolved ands has now reached the finish line . There were very chic and very beautiful reinvented 50s prom dresses also heavenly long couture coats were something made new and elegant for the modern day jill sander women. The palette and the structure also mixed with the emotion made this collection so beautiful heartfelt and memorable, "you should always leave the party while your still enjoying yourself"


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