As the queen celebrates 60s years on the thrown this week we the fashion world are celebrating here 60 years of style. From 1952 to 2012 she has been seen as a women with style,grace and class she certainly has a distinguished style the hat the little bag and the coat over a dress with one solid color and for royal balls and such a satin gown worn with crown its totes queen, back in here youthful days she was the height of style and would have had the same impact as kate middleton on style. She is also known for her outdoorsy looks such as her rain coats with little scarf and big wellie boots . She wears lots of bright colors reds,yellows,purple,green and pink. Through her 60 years on the thrown her style as grown gracefully with her always being appropriate and she really as created a signature look for a queen and as made a definitive royal style that her family follow! 
GOD SAVE THE QUEEN and her jewels ;)

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