Look of the day

Look of the day today is cool sleek peter pilotto look with vivid and cool prints to create techno modern chic! The colors are blue and yellow and are refreshing and bright, the dress has a beautiful deconstructed blue floral print and the cool utilitarian has graphic striped techno print worn with fabulous heels also with a print creating a fabulous techno chic sleek womanly look that is extremely cool for fall

Accessory of the day

Accessory of the day is one of my favorite things this season!!! A adorable cool young sweet MINI CHANEL TWEED BAG-PACK!!! This is a very pretty pink tweed one with a girly and feminine look it could be worn with anything because its very versatile and no one would ever hate what your wearing if your carrying a pink chanel tweed bag-pack it would be like saying someone's adorable baby was ugly and thats not gonna happen i would do anything to get my hands on one of these!!!

Look of the moment

Look of the moment today is the super sexy jennifer Lawrence at the HUNGER GAMES premiere which is the hottest new movie and jens one of the hottest new things. She goes for sexy but not trashy in a fabulous suede pleat fitted teal calvin klien pre fall dress with fab stilettos(which don't fit) and a little cleavage but is it to much cleavage??

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