Look of the day

Look of the day today is a cool victoria beckham sporty look. Victoria beckhams fall collection was inspired by military and baseball two aspects we can clearly see in this outfit, its made with sporty fabrics and is worn with baseball socks and it is also quite military in that it has a tough strong edge and is worn with cool military flat boots! This little black sporty dress and cool belt,socks and boots make for a very cool,sleek and tough look!

Accessory of the day

Accessory of the day to do is very new on the market its a very modern fendi ipad case in cool graphic white and black stripe print and a cool graphic print has been weaved in the century it also makes for a great statement piece and can easily be worn thanks to handle so gives image of super sophisticated women who doesn't need a handbag just her sleek fendi ipad case which carries everything she needs. Slim,graphic and very new cool and quite the statement make for quite the fabulous accessory!

Look of the moment

Look of the moment is jennifer Lawrence in cute victoria beckham dress at the hunger games premiere in madrid. There's a great mix of dark and bright tones achieved from the blocked fabric and colored dress. Its cool and modern especially styled with those cute boots and sleek haircut 

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