Peter Pilotto only came on my radar last season!!! And now he is one of my favorite designers showing his best collection so far this season!!!!!!The collection was super sleek and fast paced it had a modern techno blue print which was very cool urban and sleek!!!!! The collection had fabulous super sexy dresses which were velvet and the blue print also the collection was sophisticated!!!!!!! The floarls in this collection were super vivid and had such life against a black satin back drop there was also a blue  floral print which was so beutiful and refreashing!!!!! There was such a chic silver sequence dress with a feminine floral that was one of my favorite pieces!!! that little sparkle made it all so more glamourous!!!!!! The collection had cool outwear jackets also multi colored fur played a role in this collection which i died for!!!!! also those print dress were so pretty!!!!! The collection had a very concentrated sleek cool new image which i simple cant resist!!!!

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