Gothic Architecture was the inspiration for vera wang's fall collection and also was comfortably and easy to wear clothes. The collection opened with neutral toned looks with casual cashmere and wool pieces there were ruffled sheer pants which had a great movement and gave the look a new and unusual Finish! There were several sheer long dress which were easy and had great flow to them. The collection heated up with vivid oranges and cooled down again with black,silvers and grey. This is were the gothic architectural inspiration was more present!!! There was a mechanical and architectural print detail present also black whit and grey print dress's had this architcutictural twist!! The final looks had refreshing blue ruffle gowns and jeweled crystal bibs this is were the glamour in the collection could be found. I thought this collection to be more modern spacy that gothic arcutecture that just shows how vera put her modern twist on things. My favourate element in the collection was the long flowing ruffle sheer dresses they were so cool and new which i loved

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