These hunter are the best way to look fashionable whilst celebrating jubilee, the patriotic union jack thats slightly faded which greats vintage effect which is so cool! If you are in the country and having a fun jubilee garden party thats dress code casual these boots would be perfect! The rustic english wellie boot with the even more british vintage union jack! Perfect worn with blue jeans,cool casual sweater mc Queen union jack scarf and cool shades with hair tied back :D
GOD SAVE THE QUEEN and her jewels

The jubilee country/city cool look!

As the queen celebrates 60s years on the thrown this week we the fashion world are celebrating here 60 years of style. From 1952 to 2012 she has been seen as a women with style,grace and class she certainly has a distinguished style the hat the little bag and the coat over a dress with one solid color and for royal balls and such a satin gown worn with crown its totes queen, back in here youthful days she was the height of style and would have had the same impact as kate middleton on style. She is also known for her outdoorsy looks such as her rain coats with little scarf and big wellie boots . She wears lots of bright colors reds,yellows,purple,green and pink. Through her 60 years on the thrown her style as grown gracefully with her always being appropriate and she really as created a signature look for a queen and as made a definitive royal style that her family follow! 
GOD SAVE THE QUEEN and her jewels ;)
Todays style hunter is of course jubilee themed! Here is a look at some looks from the fall runways that are fit for a queen! Royal style is conservative,elegant and very regal think floral dresses or fabulous large hats with very regal and royal touches! Royal style is very chic and fabulous so here is look at some very royal looks fit for her royal highness during her jubilee celebrations
GOD SAVE THE QUEEN and her jewels ;)
Another fab jubilee post this is 10 ways to be fab and celebrate the jubilee!!! Its wearable patriotism!!! Enjoy and be a queen for a day ;) GOD SAVE THE QUEEN and her jewels ;)
Today is all about jubilee on lamaisonmme so here is the first jubilee mad post and its all about London's fashion stores fab patriotic window displays which really embrace Britannia who is so in at the moment with olympics on vogue cover and everyone jubilee mad its fab and chic time to be british ;) Today is the last day of post before i take my jubilee break and will be back on Wednesday the 6th of june with everything summer from what to wear,eat, and vaca so GOOD SAVE THE QUEEN and her jewels :D


Harvey Nichols




The summer style hunter continues with more essential summer item and today its all about that SUMMER SANDAL! The sandal is perfect for so many looks its a very versatile item to have during summer season on that hot day at home or on that tropical day aboared there must be a good supply of sandels in your summer wardrobe or maybe one very versatile sandel that goes with everything and every occasion. The sandal is perfect for many things firstly THE BEACH: its either barefeet with a cute sandal thrown across your shoulder or on those feet! Sandels were made for a beach look because there easy to move round in on the sand and lets you still look fab there perfect worn with a bikini or cute summer beach dress look. Sandals are also perfect for that quick and easy summer cool out and about look! Perfect for that "calafronian girl" who is wearing sandels with cute shorts and t shirt with a cool scarf and summer cooper shades! There relaxed and keep the feet nice and cool and fab on a hot day! The sandal also works for the evening look especially on vacation the sandal with a relaxed cocktail look is fab fab fab on that hot evening in the south of france maybe your wearing your valentino sandals with a cute summer party dress on to the yacht of a friend or a cool relaxed dinner party in tribeca on that hot summer new york night! Dont those scenarios just sound fab!!  So sandal is essential summer item keeps the feet cool the look effortless and its just tote #totesSummer!
Below are my top sandal picks for summer with there accompanying styled look which really fit my description of how to wear your summer sandal enjoy and tell me what you thing of all the fab sandals! 
Its jubilee week and all of britain has gone JUBILEE MAD including the world of british fashion in the build up to jubilee weekend i will be doing lots f jubilee themed fashionable post and my first is all about topshop. Topshop currently have lots of jubilee themed products including union jack sequence fascinators to cute printed royal themed totes they are making not so tacky jubilee merchandise, topshop is a perfect way for the cool fashionable girl to celebrate jubilee weekend here is a look at some of there totes fab products 
Just when we thought she was finally getting being a princess and she was doing so well making numerous outings in fabulous high end looks rather than her high street commoner ways. She was becoming a princess and in her last outing at a jubilee garden party she commits a terrible crime against fashion!! For someone who isn't a millionaire duchess who could have a different £800 dress everyday it isnt such a big crime but the duchess of cambridge who has multiple millions at her disposal decides not to go dress shopping but to just wear it again so probably thought i haven't worn this in two weeks maybe no one will notice maybe i'll wear a hat and cute clutch but when your kate middleton people will know!! Not gonna lie this emilia wickstead dress looks amazing on her EVERYTHING LOOKS AMAZING ON HER but at an official occasion like this pick a different dress no matter how pretty that wickstead might have been! But she looks great and i may sound ridiculous but she's a DUCHESS hello enjoy it and go shopping :D
Last night was the glamorous GLAMOUR AWARDS seeing the international stars of film,tv,music and fashion on the red carpet all looking absolutely fab!! Enjoy these to red carpet pics along with the rest of the looks of the moment ;)

The Glamour awards!

Tunnel of Love event

Out & about

Snow White And The Huntsman LA Premiere