A collection like this really makes you fall back in love with couture. It was so indulgent in its beauty and i felt emotion in this collection, it was the movement of these gowns that was just pure femininity that gives you such a feeling that can not be described. Its a bliss that only a couture collection such as this can give you! There was so much elegance,beauty,femininity,nature,movement. The collection was a vast stunning garden with dark romantic reds,and natural pure greens with a variety of soft roses gently moving in a rhythmical beauty through the clean crisp air! 
This collection was just pure indulgence and its so hard to explain that feeling in words!
Uhhh i really wish i could explain how this collection makes me feel i did tweet im speechless
after the collection and i guess i still am! If i was a couture buyer i would be buying something from this collection (and of course DIOR!) I just love when fashion makes you feel and love when it makes me feel this good! The colors, the MOVEMENT!!! one of my fav things about couture is how these gowns move it literally stops your heart they glide or float or shimmy through the air in such a beautiful way!!! theres simply nothing else like it, nothing moves like that its just a couture gown and i love that giambattista couture collections always show the most amazing moving gowns!!! Getting a little repitive here so please enjoy these images even motionless you can see in your head how they move! OMG Really i just love everything bout this collection!! Omg the music,the front rowers shoes,the flashing sound of the cameras,and THE COUTURE FASHIONS!!!
Its summer in paris! The sun is shining and so are the embellishments from the couture catwalks! The streets are filled with fab fashionistas wearing there couture finest with a summery fab twist! I LOVE SUMMER IN PARIS!
A major collection needs a major front row to match and the dior show certainly had that with lots of fab designers such as marc jacobs and donetella versace and also lots of fab celebs such as Jennifer Lawrence and sharon stone and every fashion show needs a few annas Mrs wintor and dello russo were both looking fab in attendance!
This was the show everyone had been waiting for, every since the infamous firing of Galliano in march of 2011 the fashion world seeked and anticipated the next designer who would take the legendary helms of the house! For about a whole year bill gayten a designer i muchly hated for his boring unimaginative collections! Then on February the emotional and fantastic final Raf Simons show for the house of Jil Sander lead us to think..... will he be hired at dior? Then the day came the announcement that was a year in the making the gossip and speculation had ended, just about every designer was rumored for the jobs the ones i remember most were jason wu,marc jacobs,albar elbaz,stefano pilliti and Raf simons! Raf got the job the fashion world sighed with relief, the house of Dior was in very safe hands! Yesterday at his debt show the whole fashion world was watching!
The debt collection was shown in the most wonderful surroundings five separate rooms all dressed in the most amazing display of flowers! "Isn't this amazing? A million flowers" this is what the most powerful woman in fashion Anna Wintor said to the most magnificent woman in fashion Grace Goddington! Just shows how impressive this floral display was! Everyone was left mesmerized by these millions of flowers it was certainly Beauty Overload!!! Not only were the millions of flowers impressive but so was the front row that had everyone talking, so many desigeners were sitting front row to support raf just to name a few marc jacobs,alber elbaz,Dian von Frustenberg,Ricardo Tisci,L'wren Scott,azzedine alia,oliver theyskins and Donetella Versace! So everyone was deeply excited there was one of the most major fashionable front rows,an amazing floral set up and an anticipation for this collection that was so long in the waiting!
The show opened with sharp totes fab black minimalist suits they stopped my heart, i could just see the master craftsmanship,the clean lines, i couldn't believe people saying this wasn't couture its "to minimalist" this was couture in such a pure form it was quality that couldn't be matched it was a minimalist black suit that stopped ure heart for a moment what isnt couture and magical about! It was also somthing new, it was a new form of couture it was modern couture! These opening sleek suits were just the begging of this landmark collection it was Rafs "NEW LOOK" and we were witnessing it right before are eyes.
The collection progressed staying minimalist and sharp the next few looks were stunning minimalist sharp coats that were very tight at the waist due to a metallic belt, and omg how fabulous did that look! The waist was so so small it hit you in the face this silhouette was so powerful and yet simple,old school made new! It was another powerful couture moment that raf had created and once again my heart slightly stopped!
As the collection progressed it got that little bit more "Couture" it wasn't just the sleek sharp tailoring that stopped your heart it were the unique magical touches that made everything light as air or glisten freely in the light! First there were the heavenly old school embroidered items mixed with sharp modern minimalism that was very raf it was Old school Couture meets 2012 Raf Simons and it worked to absolute perfection! This peplum and pant look was simply the couture Master couture embroidery on top and a sleek master tailored pant on bottom it was this fab contrast that was so clear that made it new fresh and so exciting!
Ok now lets talk the most talked about couture thing there is EMBELLISHMENT!!! Omg the emellishment in this collection just made your toes Curl! It added such a couture touch, it made everything glisten angelically! The embellishment is a couture institution if a couture collection doesn't have any its not worth your time, and this collection cleverly didn't saturate you with if like *cough *cough elie saab, Rafs dior collection gave the perfect amount of minimalist tailoring,embellishment,old school embroidery,tulle,chiffon etc he gave us a little bit of everything in a new way! Some of my fav embellished pieces would have to be the the tailored pant suit very minimalist raf but there was a crystal caviar waist which is such fine couture! Also the 2 sided gowns and stunning blue netted dress!

Finally have to talk about the stunning dress's! My favorite were 3 stunning 50s prom dresses that im calling cloud dresses as there texture is that of fluffily clouds and they glided through the air in a mesmerizing form it was so pure and emotional these dresses were definitely that magical couture moment!
In this revolutionary couture collection that "Has changed the landscape of couture" raf has made a "New Look" that has married old and new to make something dazzling and stunning! This is something i will remember for some time to come and i expect this to be the start of a long journey with Raf at Dior I expect him to be at the brand for probably another 20 years so buckle up and lets enjoy this ride!
Last season everyone was talking about Versace's big return to the couture calendar this time round we were all taking about Versace coming home to the glamourous Ritz hotel were Gianni always showed his couture collection. It was Versace's first couture fashion show in 10 years, last season wasn't a "fashion show" it was a sort of presentation which featured staircase instead of a runway! This time it was celeb front row,glamourous very 90s runway,flashing cameras and catchy runway soundtrack!
There was such a hype before the show of course this would be the first show of couture fashion week, but i was also in the glamourous ritz!!! I just love the hype before a fashion show i haven't felt it since the paris shows ended back in march so I was filled with energy and were do i put that energy??? In to TWEETING!! Nothing better to do before a fashion show that tweet,retweet and fav away!! Hype over the show started and couture was underway! 

The show was opened by the fabulous Lindsey Wixson with Glam very versace girl hair and make up it set the scene for glam viva la versace girl show. The colors were vibrant and eye catching purple,yellow and green with several pretty blues and nudes. 
This is of course couture so there was that magnificent something different, the gowns had sewed into them the finest Hi-tech Japanese polyester, which made the skirts shimmy away and made them so light, which made for magnificent only couture achievable movement. They really had a life of there own!
The looks made for a strong and sexy lady, the dresses appealed to the figure fabulously while exposing as much skin as possible! Donetella achieved this by using several techniques. Creating very sensual,patch worked dresses of crystal embellished chiffon as well as mini dresses in chain mail and lattic corsets made from strips of leather!
It was very Donatella, strong,bold,feminine,sexual and of course most of all glamourous!    

Versace Couture show


Its been mens fashion week in paris and from sunday its been couture there very close together so her are fab street style shots from pfw and sundays couture show! ENJOY!! 
Last season's couture shows were certainly an eventful bunch: Jean Paul Gaultier showed his controversial Amy Winehouse-inspired collection, Bill Gaytten presented what would, be his final couture collection for Christian Dior; Karl Lagerfeld took us on Air Chanel, complete with Chanel trolley dollies and illuminated numbered seats; Donatella Versace brought her Atelier line back to the couture schedule for the first time since 2004; Giambattista Valli made his debut as a fully-fledged couturier (after appearing as a guest the season before); Stéphane Rolland enlisted Yasmin Le Bon as his show's "bride";  Alexis Mabille painted each of his models' faces a different colour; and Riccardo Tisci took his Givenchy girls to unfamiliar fashion territory - the basketball court.
So what to expect from this season? Raf Simons debut at Dior, surely the most talked-about fashion ascension ever, will fittingly be for couture; where the brand's founder made his name. Simons is a couture rookie - although his final show for Jil Sander proved he's got what it takes - but the fashion world is holding its breath to see what the new age will hold. It's all change at Versace too, where Donatella will not only present her couture collection via a show for the first time since 2002, but will also debut the label's brand new Atelier e jewellery collection.
The Week begins with Atelier Versace on Sunday night, then Monday sees Simons' Christian Dior debut followed by others including Alexis Mabille and Giambattista Valli. Tuesday brings Chanel, Stéphane Rolland, Giorgio Armani Privé and Givenchy to the catwalk, before Elie Saab, Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentino and Maison Martin Margiela bring proceedings to an end on Wednesday.


Here is the kate moss editorial that will feature in next months vogue is  you want to wait to see it on the fabulous papers of vogue look away NOW. The editorial features the major spring couture collection worn stunningly by the fabulous kate ENJOY! fashion editor grace coddington!
"Life imitates art"
Kate wears the most stunning red dior couture gown gracefully imitating the art behind her
“I drink the French 76: vodka, sugar, lemon juice topped up with champagne; it’s the best drink ever, but it only tastes like that in the Hemingway Bar,”
Kate lounges in the imperial suite surronding by chanel boxes wearing the imperial CHANEL!
A chillingly beautiful vintage looking shot kate wearing GIVENCHY gown and JEWELRY which is to die for
"ladies in waiting" all wearing marie antoinette inspired valentino couture in the imperial suite
culinary delight
The best service in all of france!
"sleeping beauty" kate is so glamourous in this sequence armani
a fabulous view from the top!
Valentino under designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Picciol has found its own voice throughout the years and spring 2012 haute couture is no exception with a collection of demure romanticism. This season showcased florals, lace, and crystal embellished bodices, all made with the utmost attention to detail. Like many shows this haute couture season, the color palette was light–showcasing silvers, powdery blue and rosy pink for a feminine touch.
But it was Marie Antoinette role-playing in her little farm on the grounds of Versailles who provided the collection's ambience. The first model seemed to arrive in the salons of the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild on a breath of cool country air. Sprigged flower prints covered almost everything. An antique fabric alchemy transformed taffeta into equally antique-looking blurred floral chaîne. The sense of precious old artisanship was also evident in the swirling bouilloné decoration. The volumes were diaphanous, bucolic, like the cloud of point d'esprit scattered with organza lace cutouts. The designers sought a "deep lightness." It was beautifully exemplified in dresses with up to five layers of lace and organza.