Fashion season kicks of in all its fabness tomorrow then its 4 weeks around a month of fashion,fashion and even more fashion! Trends,street style,runway music, front rowers and the fab scandals! 
This is my fashion season top fav things!!!!

  • Seeing what Marc Jacobs and Miuccia Prada will show in paris,milan and new york which will become a massive trend and will be the only thing I will see in most of my 2013 issues of vogue! Cause there so major!!
  • STREET STYLE! fashion season turns the streets into a competitive battlefield/Runway every editor,blogger,socialite,buyer etc and fighting of every other fashionista to be shot by a street style photog! So they dress the  best they have dressed all year and also do random street style worthy poses on the street like leap across the street or pretend to be on your ipad or maybe just a very Anna dello Russo or Michelle Harper old school fashion pose in front of loads of cameras so the photogs behind them get that photo we have seen a million times! LOVE THAT LIKE CRAY! 
  • Runway music is one thing about fashion season i completely die die die for! I remember the first time i ever heard adele was at a alberta ferriti show and it was a rolling in the deep remix and for like weeks after i was still singing it! Also creates a great fashion show atmosphere! One of my fav guessing games is wonder if this could be runway hit! Last season I expected lana del rey listened to it non stop! This season im thinking Delilah so i like know every word to inside my love by now!
  • The young fresh and oh so original designers during new york fashion week is somthing I cant wait for! Designers like Prabel,Alexander wang,Rag&Bone, Rodarte, Proenza Schouler and most importantly JOSEPH ALTUZARRA who isn't on the edge of there seat to see what he does next! I mean to quote the film zoolander "HE IS SO HOT RIGHT NOW!!!"
  • Go big or go home!!! Is what I say during fashion season I really love the runway shows which are oh so theatrical, shows like louis vuitton,marc jacobs,lanvin,burberry and CHANEL!
  • Finding the next big IT THING! Be it bag,shoe or even color like last year it was pastel madness! 
  • Fashion Season Blogging and Twitting!!!! :D
  • Off duty models who still have there hair from there last runway show but are dressed in there super relaxed easy looks!
  • Playing guess the front row or playing Wheres Anna?

I think thats about everything but im sure there are a lot more things im so excited for because practically the list is ENDLESS!!! But really the thing im looking forward to most is just all that fashion :D
Here are the final round of the fab milan fashion week street style pics next it will be the chic streets of paris but for now enjoy the summery milano looks!
Milan fashion week is in full swing and so is its street style, enjoy some fab street style shots from the streets of Milano ;)
So as i have said in the post below this this weekend and today and tomorrow if milan fashion week and on saturday and sunday i decided to view some shows as each show continued the optimism and fun faded :( Saturday started off great i was up early filled with exitment for a fashion week which would be much less stressful during womens season. So with 30 mins to go i find out that u had to be registered or some shit to watch the show and it wouldnt let me do it :( so like an hour later i watched the show , it was Jil Sanders big return and i thought it was quite fab i coined the phrase hicthcock meets schizophrenia it had that fab retro yet very modern minimlist strange feel i enjoyed it :D
 Then me being so excited to see the dolce show it was such a disapointment, it started great front row starstudded and fab then the music started it was dramatic very cinematic then a small band of men arouse looking very native, i thought this may be intersting then they started playing that fucking music and i was cringing out of my mind! The show started and IT WAS A MESS!!! It gave me such a headache!! the horrible clothes that looked liked somthing u would by in freaken new jersey oh but then again it was "very sicilian" really i dont care very sicilian is VERY UGLY!! The "models" had a fucked up runway walk there were little kids walking to fast not knowing wat to do with there arms and grown men looking out of place! Later i found out they were real siclian men and it really showed that the people walking in that show were not models!! So the fashion was shit so was the music and models if u saw my tweets about it you will know how i feel!
Next the show i was looking forward to most BURBERRY, while i was waiting for the show to start i thought this looks very good very burberry then just as the show started my wifi went off i threw my paper in the air and gave up!!! I watched the show the day later i LOVED IT! it was very unique all that metalic but i found it cool and i loved the hairstyles,music and those cool shades they all wore but wasnt the same feeling you get when watching a womens collection!
After my disastourous start to the day i watched no more live shows and watched them on demand the next day first there was versace loved the cinematic look the men had very egyption parah but the fashions werent great it was just the spectacle. Then i watched the prada show which was a surprising show it was very sport inspired and not at all like prada and finally i saw the gucci show today finally a show i like! It was bright and fresh classically tailored and just looked luxurious and sophisticated! 

How are you liking the mens shows are you as bored as i am, though it is only 6 days to couture!!!:D

Omg so havnt really been paying attention to the mens shows so far but tomorrow its milan fashion week and lots is going on :D So firstly tomorrow it is the return of Jil sander :O this will be her first collection since she left all those years ago so everyone will have there eyes on her!! Then we will be having a dolche extravaganza which im very excited for always the most theatrical show of the season (pictured above) but are fav male model the companies muse will not be making runway appearance :( then its time for my fav menswear show of the season BURBERRY!!!! im so excited firstly i cant wait to hear the runway playlist last menswear season i cried it was so beutiful and also the burberry show is just fab and also has a little drama wonder wat they will do this season watever technological fab thing they do this season i will be watching it live!!! ( Shows ) then the day finishes with the rocken versace which is gonna be supa cool :D Thats saturdays fab first day now lets talk sunday and its the day of the Prada show another absolute favorite of my'n last season many male stars walked the runway so thats gonna be a fab show! On Monday its gucci and mcqueen to very good mens designers and will be exciting to see! Tuesday will wrap up the week with the ultimate tailoring show Armani and the wonderful whimsical Marc Jacobs! before the mens action moves to paris on Wednesday :D and i will be stayed tuned from now on :D     
Here are some of the best candid photos of the fall 2012 european shows. Enjoy my tribute to the fashion season
model sneaks a snapshot. MODELS ARE SUCH POSERS
Model walkthrough at the cool giambattista show
The fabulous burberry final a major fashion moment!!!
The shoes at erdem. There pretty fab love the modern sleek heel with arty paint print shoe
klaire kloss closes dior show in fabulous flowing pleat gown!
haider takes his bow!!! Loved his show!!!
the coolest set of the season at the techno kenzo show
the opening to a emotional final jill sander show with beautiful floral centerpieces and clean minimalist white set
a sexy look at the pucci show!
The amazing louis vuitton collection final!!!! FASHION MOMENT
Super cool shot of fierce model at the chanel show looking so major!!!
Models having a fun finale at the mary k show!!!
the usually unseen shot of the models return!
The models looking totally fierce at the versace show!!!!
a absolutely indulgent and fantasy filled mc queen finale!!!
fun models looking amazing at prada
One of the best shots of the McQ show completely fantasy! FASHION MOMENT!!!
Here are some fab shots from last day of mfw thanks to tommy to. ENJOY!!
Roberta Cavalli this season went full on glamour!!!!! They showed major animal prints!!!! including the big cats of africa to the exotic reptiles shown in the glamours shimmering reptile skin pieces. The collection was so flash lots of shiny glittering metallic alligator skin pieces and heavenly layer upon layer of sequence the cavalli party girl this season will be very happy! There was a great mix of long and short pants and skirTs/dresses. The pants were so major worn with ferocious fur tops of jackets really fabulous!!! The dresses were short and long there were cute short party sequence dresses and fabulous very cavalli long and flowing print maxi dresses with very intricate ruffle details! It was full on everything full on print,full on accessories(hats,shades,bags,gloves etc),full on sequence,full on glamour and not to mention full on NAIOMI!!!!!! The highlights of this collection were clearly the pants,furs and full on fabulous print long maxi dresses and of course Naomi!!!! 
(sorry this post is so late there were technical issues) Giorgio armani's fall collection was all about easy chic with was shown with will executed seemingly easy to wear master tailored mens 30s style suites, we have also seen this at donna karen but this collection was much more easy and accessible. It was all about the pants or very well tailored and really cute shorts, the whole look revolved round the pants and also a very cool and savvy mens flat black leather shoe some even with a little girly pink sparkle, these looks were styled with fabulous blazers or softening pinks and corals. These looks are made so easy to wear and were great "work clothes" The collection was separated into several sections the first mens 30s tailored looks,next sunset tones with more fun colors such as pink and tangerine,next was the glamorous evening looks that were fabulous glossy shimmering jackets or coats or fun party dresses perfect for the classic armani customer then there was the big Finnish a sequence black glamorous dress that had a lot if accessories (hat,necklaces....) very much the show stopper. I was sad there were not more gowns but the collection was all about those fabulously wearable pants or fabulous mens flats and evening structured silk pretty pieces all great armani pieces for next fall!!!!
Here are some fab tommy ton mfw shots!!!! Enjoy