So during the resort shows its not a glamorous runway show with celebs and all that its a thing called market week mostly buyers will come and see presentation of clothes and take looks at accessories etc so here is an inside look thanks to marc jacobs intl into the mjs market week looks like fun :D
Pheobe and me must have the same fetish? That fetish would of course be PANTS every look in this collection was styled with a long,sheer,tailored,elephant or short pant!! Lets start with the minimalist crisp white pants that were very long and just covered the shoe! They are a perfectly stylish blank canvas for you to bring to life with bold and colorful accessories, that statement jacket or even interesting tunic! Just like the statement blue leather leopard coat making major statement on the white cool minimalist blank canvas!!!
 The collection was a tiny delight with only 17 looks much like fall but the collection still conveyed cool minimalism thats very chic and popular! It was all about being cool in that chic french way which pheobe really gets across in a great fashion! Lots of cool whites, bold leopards and solids and not to mention Polka dots so cool!! The commercial cool chic pants,jackets and my fav accessories those clean minimalist leather celine clutches i simply die, ive been dying for everything celine since spring 2010 pheobe philos first collection for label! So really there is no wrong she can do in my eyes and i love it all especially her pants :D 
ALEXANDER THE GREAT the "prince" of downtown cool pulls of another fab cool collection it may seem very dark and gritty but is very polished and sophisticated and lots of must haves for resort in this collection!  The color palette wasn't a rainbow of interesting tones and vibrant colors it was simply very wang black and white The clothes are indulgently cool easy to wear and yes im saying this again COOL (i really need a thesaurus for other words that mean cool) 
The tailoring was cut your throat sharp! The sleekness of the lines on the jackets and pants are to much its so prefect for the cool young girl who works at some cool place downtown or some fab place uptown and when you walk in wearing something from this collection people whisper "omg shes wearing wang" and have a look of jealousy on there faces then theres that person like me who screams "OMG YOUR WEARING WANG AND LOOKING TOTESMAJOR" then girlishly scream because she looks so good. Thats my fun little fashion role play which is a little over dramatic :S
The tailored jackets and coats in killer black with sleek leather aspects soooo cool!!! 
The collection is commericail in the "omg wang" way! its fucking COOL and cool thats all i ever can say about wang its cool :S lets let the COOL looks speak for themselves so you can understand them in your own cool way in which is get there coolniss!
Rag&Bone is that cool downtown label with that british twist well for the past two season's the fall 2012 and resort 13 the english counrtyside has been present in there collections with the downtown tribeca girl vibe. This collection was more sophisticated rather than a sort of grunge cool the girl was polished with a slight edge and style impecably i didnt have to break down pieces and put them in another look they were styled prefectly i would have done the same myself;) like the cool biker jacket with cute shimmering gold dress it was major cool and totes what the rag and bone girl would wear out on the town!
The Knits in this collection were fabulous!!! there was a cute multicolored pixelie sweater, very cool black cable knit sweater slightly oversized very young like a cooler downtown taylor swift. They a netted slightly sheer light knit sweater all giving girl the cool effortless look which fabulously worked for the look of the collection.
There was a clear english country vibe in this collection which was seen through the fab floral print that had an element of a vintage wallpaper but made very cool and sophisticated in this collection. The quilted mili green jacket was very country it made for very cool look as did the rest of the collection as there was the contrast of downtown and english countryside!
The girl was downtown sophistication in sleek electric blue suites with a effortless feel still making it cool and downtown also cool tailored coats with sleek leather patches in blue and navy tones very city! The collection was town and country infused in a very cool and shuttle way there are lots of major cool and cute pieces for the cool young girls like fab cable knit,cool biker jackets in blue and classic black which is so kristian stweart i guess you could call this collection kristian stweart meets taylor swift meets english country :D
It was a small 15 look presentation, played down down in a simple commercial and minimalist way .  It was extremely #CommercialSchouler the looks were mostly good for the working girl neutral tones no major statements it was cool,sleek and minimalist and i thought it was just prefect for resort. There is the genius of proenza schouelr i think they are the greatest american brand currently out there and this collection was so simple and commercial and its good to know that they boys understand the season and make there fabulously clothes so easy to wear take the cool jeans look it wasn't turning many heads but was still very cool and simple.
 Its working woman in jeans cool contrast i thought between the coat and the jeans. The accessories were prefect bright very on trend leather clutches which i adored prefect accessory for that minimalist white or black look that adds color in a prefect small amount!
 A fav item for me were those cropped leather pants!! 3 things i love all in one sentence cropped which i think are the most stylish cut for pants but do equally love flare or those slightly oversized pants something celine does! Also leather its so fab cause it creates cool downtown girl who is super sleek and finally pants you all know about my #pantsfetish something i say in mostly every collection "i love those pants" so they were prefect and i loved how they were styled with another fav item with my'n those clutches :D
 The dresses were sophisticatedly cool some minimalist very "work" and others were cool schouler infused with commercial work look then there were these two cool dresses with unique cool print that probably something cool but to me its just a cool print and is totes aesthetically pleasing maybe not knowing what it means makes it more appealing to me? They were in acid green and black sheer delight look! Major looks for that cool tribeca party :D
Dont you just love that gucci girl she always looks glamorous,exotic and very expensive all ways dressed to perfection so while watching this resort collection little thought of styling was needed because Gucci showed a woman ready to go. The collection was totes gucci resort it had that sexy summer feel the girls all fabulously dressed in very Gucci looks styled with a fab sandal or major wedge were quite something to idolize. This woman is certainly everything a girl wants to be she's rich and successful,glamourous,sexy and a glorious exotic character shes the girl everyone wants to know and be! For resort Gucci went for a 70s feel promoting fabulous luxurious fabrics such as python,silk and of course  fabulous Italian leather that gucci is internationally known for! 
Something i love with all my heart are GUCCI PANTS (I do have an unusual pants fetish??) i feel in love with them when i saw the gucci fall 2010 collection it was all about those pants!!There just so long that they fabulously hide the wedge and not to long that your falling over Note. i wouldn't recommend anyone smaller than 5.8 to be wearing these pants you will look ridiculous best suited for long fab legs! I dont know why i love them so much maybe its there slightly 70s retro flare because my fav jeans ever are flare jeans its an essential if you dont have a pair in your closet your crazy!! or maybe its there fabulous tailoring that simply cant be faulted whatever it is i love them and they really show off how fabulously and slightly creepily tall models are! I love how the more tailored and slightly less feminine tailored looks were shown in fabulous bright pink and white tones really makes them more pretty! 
This was a collection that didnt center around a pant or dress/skirt they were slightly equal though the dresses and skirts out numbered those fab pants! The dresses were feminine and glamourous there was a great balance of sex,drama,elegance and style in the dress. There were sexy short numbers for that party girl and fabulous maxi dress which are really the best evening look when vacationing somewhere hot and exotic worn with sandals its carefree but oh so glamorous! 
Floras clearly something the collection was about as we can see from this beautiful bag drop of a fab bush with very nice florals, the floral looks weren't graphic or very vivid they were pretty feminine and had that italian touch they reminded me of the Gucci fragrance Flora. They were not so in your face seen on every look the collection also had great minimalist solids but it was the tone and feeling of a soft and fragile flower that was a inspiration for this collection! 
I love the resort Gucci girl shes the world traveller,the exotic fashionista, she is very simply that girl that girl who you would love to be shes the modern day bohemian but in a fab and luxurious way

For resort Marc made a fab opulent collection by infusing vibrant pop art with retro 70s,colorful 80s and deconstructed 90s also he played with shapes and fab silhouettes and it made for a totesfab fun collection which just lifts your sprits and would certainly brighten up any wardrobe!! Marc Jacobs is fashion and is certainly one of my fav designers out there and i love how for resort he makes such a colorful fab very marc collection so easy to wear!! 
First lets talk about prints,prints and a little more prints. I think the prints added fun,color and quirk to this collection! There were the fab florals that create a little Marc Jacobs garden right before are eyes, there were many different types of florals in this collection there were the rich florals which completely covered the dress, the amazing sequence florals which were my favorite and also Anna wintors as she wore a orange sequence custom Marc jacobs resort dress to the CFDA awards, finally there were little bouquets in lace and in a vibrant print scattered around the dresses. I found the two silk 70s dresses with the colorful pop art floral color blocked with other vibrant prints really the best looks second to the sequence florals they were so wearable,fun,quirky and really had the whole collection incorporated in them!
The shoes were the simply AMAZING, fabulous funky wedges some even embellished with large jewels!! I simply died for them they were bright colorful,retro,cool,quirky and really quite opulent omg how much times am i going to use the words "bright","colorful","quirky","opulent" etc its like totes repetitve but thats this collection its just so bold and in your face the images just scream these words do you really need me to say anymore, does anyone actually read my show reviews??? if you do comment below!
All of this repetition for such a fab and unique collection is insulting to marc sometimes it just cant come naturally and this is one of these very cringy times but if no ones even reading wats the point promise the rest of my resort reviews will be more witty,fun and  really show off my views about the collection but it is marc how i feel is hard to put into words! But seriously love this collection its cool colorful 21st century girl meets glamourous 70s,quirky marc,fun 80s and a little 90s and as ive said before proportions and shape are played with her like in those wide dresses and fab shorts but really the images speak for themselves its SO MAJOR!!! that blue back drop is prefect it catches the eye just as the amazing clothes do so if you quickly scrolling down through the pages of this blog you will stop at this post ;) 
I'll try to be less repetitive and obvious in future post but i really did love my Burberry report it was fun really talk about the clothes and even a little story about that black gown so check that out and just enjoy these images because this report is just a big disaster as my chanel resort one here are links to a good post and to another disastrous one 
;DBurberry Resort! Chanel Cruise 
I listened to Madonnas "Vogue" while i watched one of my favorite resort collections so far, the Preen resort look book looked like a vogue editorial shot the poses were beautiful and naturally cherographed beautifully with the music it gave the fab clothes a power full effect i call it "MINIMALPRINT" there was a dramatic fab contrast with minimalism,power and these beautiful floral prints. The collection had a graphic and memorable look that left me quite breathless even for a resort collection though I actually  did prefer this to there fall collection ( Preen ) i just thought "the  look" was more chic,cool and graphic and of course very wearable. 
The collection had great wearable versatility there were work,evening and casual looks all in one fab rounded collection.
 Lets talk floral print it was simply stunning had a feminine delight though graphic artist image. My favorite look from the collection was a minimalist sleeveless silhouette dress but had such a rich and vibrant floral that was stunning and beutifully for that bright spring day it was also very arty with the dripping paint effect making you feel like your wearing art, that dress could be the prefect bold statement look by michelle obama or the simple look work for that fab fashionista! 
The striking tailoring was very effective that sleek black suit was a very vogue moment minimalist with the cool midriff slightly oversized great editorial image and broken down great working pants, cool black and white oversized jacket and a very cute midriff bra top prefect for cool girl sleek chic look! 
There was an elegant poise to the collection striking yet subdued contrast yet cohesion chic in that cool powerful way and very editorial yet prefect wearable professional looks.
Omg there are so much resort collections and will be blogging the most fab all Weekend ;D but here is a quick look at some of the many resort collections and what the totes professionals thought

Band of outsiders

"cult of mid-century modern design is the motivation for Scott Sternberg’s latest resort collection"

Michael Kors

 “opulent minimalism.”

3.1 Phillip Lim

“It’s about adding blooms to utilitarian forms.” 

Marc By Marc Jacobs

"Marc by Marc Jacobs girl has had enough of the Chelsea gallery scene. In fact, she made the unexpected move to Portland, Oregon."

Sophisticated,london modern chic,working cool girl,tailored fabulously,sleek looks with the classic burberry twist these are totes the key phrases when you are talking about this major burberry collection! It was modern burberry unlike the 30s pre war britain that inspired pre fall, this woman for resort is the BURBERRY WOMAN this resort collection is a wardrobe its go everything you need and a fabulous versatility and cohesion. Lets start with PANTS omg i was fixated on the pants in this collection they were so major sleek,tailored,cute and cropped,cool urban there major major major not to mention the shorts also i love the pants and shorts in this collection, there prefect for the cool london burberry girl and the international working woman the pants were prefect work clothes! I mean those fab tailored grey pants are sophisticated and very chic! The powerful working woman and cool urban maybe P.R girl needs the pants from this collection.
The pants were styled perfectly with cool knits which i also went crazy over and cool working woman blazers! There were lots of classic burberry items we love to see in every collection wonderfully reinvented by christopher bailey(GENIUS) every season in cool fab way! There was the burberry trench in this collection was made a glamours shining metallic ivory and cool sleek cut out silhouette! So the pants and shorts were major fav so was the knits and the reinvented burberry items NOW LETS TALK GOWNS!!!
The gowns all of which are pictured below all fabulously chic and glamourous christopher only shows gowns in the resort and pre fall season and there always and fab treat. My fav was the sleek cool black gown perfect for the girl this collection is based around. That dress is the show stopper moment in the movie the fab pretty girl but hides it and dress horrible and dosnt brush her hair and of course wears glasses but tonight's different she has been made over by the burberry fairy, she arrives at the glam event the hair blond straightened its so pretty and FASHION the lips a rouged red the make up light almost natural but stunning and the dress THE DRESS!! A chic black cut out uber shopisticated and sexy its black drama suddenly shes the only one anyone can look at its that DRESS the cinderella moment it makes you just look.....look WORDS CANT DESCRIBE!!! Its major overload :D The fab embroidered gown has another major effect its the glamour heritage look so burberry then theres the major white gown which has just the same effect as that black gown! There just uber chic,uber shopisticated, UBER everything!
Loved this collection i loved the pret a porter looks more than the gowns even though i was quite descriptive in that section there was just a story i love a #FASHION STOREY the collection in one word is the UBERSHOPISTICATED GIRL